Team-based learning experience delivered directly to each team member through Slack or MSTeams.

10 minutes a day is all that stands between you and a more cohesive team!

In our twenty days together, we’ll explore strategies, tools, and practical steps you can take to communicate with each other, reframe the discourse around DEI and be actionably optimistic. The only ones who can change the world are the ones that think they can.

 Join me on this incredible journey!
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Create an unstoppable team!

Inclusion isn’t an event, it’s a value of your organization. One-time trainings are fantastic, but why not supplement them with micro training everyday?

Every morning for 4 weeks, you’ll receive lessons from me on how to work better together – so your team can be unstoppable. Through a combination of audio teachings, videos and exercises sent directly to your Microsoft Teams, we’ll explore the impact of diversity, effective leadership and practical steps you can use right away.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be ready to adopt an Indivisible Teams mindset that will empower you individually, and as a leader.
Become Unstoppable

How It Works

In this 30-day virtual learning experience, your team will learn key tips and tools to create a fortified, effective team. The messages will feature a combination of audio recordings from Denise and text-based prompts to help your team develop skills around communication, inclusion, and managing difference.
Become Indivisible

What Your Team Will Gain

By the end of this training, your employees will have actionable tips and tools that allow them to operate with their coworkers more optimally
Employees will have a better understanding of themselves and their coworkers and how to interact with them in a way that is productive and creates stronger team bonds. 
Employees will complete this training feeling like the opportunities to impact one another are more accessible.
Employees will learn how to create a healthy working environment where people of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and talents can work together powerfully.
Employees will be exposed to a different way of thinking about how we all live and work together.
Build a Stronger Team Today!
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