High energy and highly interactive, Inclusion Strategist Denise Hamilton employs keynotes, workshops and innovative coaching programs to help leaders and business owners master today's success.
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Denise Hamilton is an author, speaker and consultant who focuses on the people side of change. Whether it’s remote work, AI or a diversifying workforce, today's leaders need new skills to navigate our rapidly changing world. Denise leverages her 25 years of executive experience with Fortune 500 organizations like AOL and CBRE to provide solutions that support employees and the bottom line.

Denise is an irrationally optimistic believer in our ability to solve problems rather than just name them. Her super power is the ability to discuss challenging topics and come out of the other side with positive direction and solutions. She uses this gift to lead workshops, design education programs, and coach senior leaders. She equips leaders to build and retain future-ready teams that thrive in dynamic environments. Denise's goal is to empower individuals and teams to mine and close the gender gap, understand differences, resolve conflict, and become better allies. Her clients include household names, like Meta, ExxonMobil, Hines, Amazon, Shell, the United Nations, and the WNBA.

Denise was featured by the New York Times as a nationally recognized expert in social audio and has been featured on the Apple Store, Harvard Business Review, MSNBC's Morning Joe, MIT Sloan Management Review, FOX, CBS, NBC, Newsweek and on many other outlets.

Denise's book, Indivisible: How to Forge Our Differences Into a Stronger Future, is available for pre-order now.



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